Hannah Rose Robinson


I'm a 20's-something girl living in NC and am a health, wellness, and business coach. I believe in eating right, training hard, inspiring others, and encouraging all. I am dedicated to helping you find your health and happiness in this sweet 'n salty life. To me, a healthy body and mind give you the energy to live life to the fullest and reach all of your wildest dreams!

I expand in abundance, love, and success every day, and inspire those around me to do the same.


I definitely was not always into health and fitness the way I am now. I grew up playing soccer competitively and could basically eat whatever I wanted without a care, since our practices were so intense. Once I went to college and stopped playing soccer as competitively, my weight started to creep up on me. I would still go to the gym, but the workouts weren't as intense and they were no match for my poor nutrition. Pizza, drinking, late night, sorority food, it all started to show on my waistline. At first I didn't think anything of it because I had never been the "petite friend" in any of my friend groups. But when I started to outgrow my own clothes, I knew something needed to change in my life...

I tried many diet programs (Weight Watchers, The Dukan Diet, etc) or fitness programs (group exercise classes, running a half marathon..), and while each worked for a little bit, I would always end up gaining the weight back, plus more.


Moving to New York City right after college graduation was one of the best life decisions I ever made. I had an amazing job and was living in an amazing city with fun friends. While I prospered in my friendships and my career, I failed in my relationship with myself and with my body. Late nights, lunches and dinners out, happy hours, and the vending machine at work packed 15 more pounds on my waistline.

I remember sitting on my bed calling my mom sobbing because I didn't want to go out with my friends that night because I didn't have any clothes I could fit into. I HAD to make a change in my life for the better and I knew it had to start with my nutrition. I started focusing more on my eating habits, skipping the daily trips to the vending machine, making healthier choices when dining out. And after receiving their emails for two years, I  finally signed up for the Tone it Up Nutrition Plan. 

I lost 15 lbs within 3 months, but had reached a plateau and my relationship with food was terrible. I feared carbs, worked out for 2 hours a day, ate less than 1200 calories, and focused on trying to only eat veggies and protein, with some fruit here and there. I had zero energy and on the weekends I would binge on whatever I was craving. Ben & Jerry's, PopTarts, Cookie Butter, Nilla Wafers, pizza, Oreos, etc., and homemade dunkaroos were my favorite (Icing and Teddy Grahams). If I ate something sweet, I would then have to balance it out with something salty. I would eat way past the point of being full and would immediately feel guilty afterwards. It was a terrible and vicious cycle that I know many girls struggle with on a daily basis. I had started my health and fitness Instagram account and found amazing support from the #fitfam and Tone It Up community there, but I would fear checking in or even simply scrolling through my feed on days when I had binged; it fueled my binge guilt.

After a week-long binge on whatever I wanted to eat at any time I wanted it, I saw a {now dear} friend post about her results from the 21 Day Fix. I desperately needed something to change my relationship with food. I had attempted reverse dieting and counting my macronutrients on my own, but it was so time consuming and it became an even more obsessive habit. I needed something simple that didn't require me to count calories, calculate macros or track points. The container system of 21 Day Fix was the perfect solution for me and it completely changed my relationship with food for the better! I now view it as fuel, with some splurge and treat meals thrown in there on occasion. I know that what I'm putting into my body directly influences the way I feel, my energy levels, and the way I look. I no longer spend hours a day at the gym and know that if I have to miss a workout for any reason, it won't hinder my results as long as I stick to my nutrition.


Simple. I not only saw amazing physical results from completing the 21 Day Fix, but I saw amazing mental results as well. I knew that I wanted to share this program with as many people as possible and help other's overcome their own health and fitness struggles. I have a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals and love paying it forward! I know that these fitness programs and the supplements genuinely work and I would never recommend something I didn't wholeheartedly believe in. I get goosebumps when my challengers gain confidence and reach their goals and am truly honored that they trust in me to help them on their journey.

I love connecting with people all across the nation and the world and this role has allowed me to do so! I get to hang out with some of the most driven, positive, successful, and empowered leaders I've ever encountered and love passing on what I've learned to my challengers! I'm ecstatic that the technologically-advanced world we live in today has given me the opportunity to host online accountability groups to help others find inspiration, motivation, support and the tools and resources they need to reach their goals!