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Summer Self-Care Project: Progress Update #2

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I'm not trying to look perfect. I just want to feel better, look great, know I'm healthy, love myself, and rock any outfit I choose.


Progress from July 12 to today, August 4, from following the 21 Day Fix meal plan and doing PiYo and Hammer & Chisel workouts.  (Poor lighting due to unfiltered photos)

Progress from July 12 to today, August 4, from following the 21 Day Fix meal plan and doing PiYo and Hammer & Chisel workouts. (Poor lighting due to unfiltered photos)


Sooo, it's been three weeks since I first shared with you how uncomfortable I was in my own skin at the beginning of summer and how I was only wearing maxi dresses because nothing else in my closet would fit me. Three weeks! That's it! At one point in time I would have thought that these types of changes would only happen from starving myself, working out for 2+ hours a day, not eating any carbs, avoiding any type of social situation, and that they'd take 3 MONTHS instead of 3 weeks. #ThankYou21DayFix

It's so crazy what your body can do when you focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, fueling your body properly for the workouts you're doing, drinking Shakeology, staying hydrated, loving yourself every step of the way, and exercising daily.

With the craziness of summer and traveling, I haven't been perfect over the past three weeks. And honestly, I think that's why I've had success.

At one point in my life I tried to do everything 100% or not at all and would freak the F out if I messed up. If I started the day off with a bad meal I would say, "screw it," and have bad meals the rest of the day. Or if I couldn't get a kickass 1000-calories burned workout in before I started my day, I would think the day was already set up for failure and go ahead and ruin it by eating junk.

What all of that boils down to is that I didn't love myself enough back then. I didn't think I was worthy of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and showing myself grace for not being perfect. As a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, I understand those things now, and have the tools in my arsenal to combat against the feelings of "not [blank] enough."

Now I simply take a moment to shut down my inner mean girl simply by telling myself, "It's okay. You are enough just as you are in this moment." The more you can show yourself kindness and forgiveness, the less control your ego/inner mean girl has over you and the quieter her voice will get.

When I say I wasn't perfect, I definitely mean it. Wine, cheese, bread, fast food, lack of workouts while traveling, not enough water, and definitely not enough sleep some days. And I don't beat myself up over any of it. I did the best I could while we were in Nashville for Beachbody's annual Summit convention and being on the go from 6am to sometimes 11pm. And in addition to showing myself kindness and love every step of the way, one of the biggest differences between the balanced lifestyle I lead now and Hannah 2 years ago is that I don't allow myself to stress over these things. I now take days and moments as they come and as they are and just try to make the best of any situation and know that if I miss a workout or don't make the healthiest food choice, there's always another chance in the day or in tomorrow to make those healthier choices.

This Summer Self-Care Project isn't just for the summer months. It will soon become the Fall Self-Care Project. Then the Winter. Then the Spring. Then Summer again... And that's because it's a lifestyle and I'm constantly trying to better myself from the inside out.

There is no destination in our health and wellness journeys; we should always be trying to love ourselves a little more, work a little harder, strengthen our bodies and our minds, and practice self-care.


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